TitleDescription16 oz22 oz
Black ‘n TanGuinness & Bass$5.00$6.50
Half ‘n HalfGuinness & Harp$5.00$6.50
BlacksmithGuinness & Smithwick’s$5.00$6.50
Black ‘n BlueGuinness & Blue Moon/Oberon$5.00$6.50
Black AppleGuinness & Magners$6.00$7.50
Black RazzGuinness & Framboise$6.00$7.50
Black Apple RazzGuinness & Magners topped with Framboise$6.00$7.50
Magners CastleMagners & New Castle$5.50$7.50
Blue AppleMagners & Blue Moon/Oberon$6.00$7.50
Apple SmithMagners & Smithwick’s$6.00$7.50
Pale AppleMagners & Bass$6.00$7.50
Candy AppleMagners & Framboise$7.50$9.00
Chocolate RazzChocolate Stout & Framboise$6.00$7.50

Irish Car Bomb

6oz Guinness w/shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream & Jameson’s Irish whiskey dropped in. Bottoms UP! $6.50

Please note that all alcohol sales are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.